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Do you know you already have everything within you to create the highest potential, fully-realized version of your life experience? Are you ready to take 100% responsibility for everything in your life so that you can change your life? What would you want your new life experience look like? Would you be willing to embrace and own your amazing life potential?

If you authentically answered "Yes" to all of these questions, you already have a fantastic life, you know it, you own it, you celebrate it, and you are an inspiration. Job well done, keep on keeping on. 

If you would like to authentically answer "Yes" to all of these questions, keep on reading on.

I would like to invite you to consider the possibility that we are already the whole, complete, and Divine extension and expression of pure positive Source energy, designed to live a glorious, abundant, loving, and happy life. All we need do is remember who we already are and live our life with this understanding intact. 

The all-inclusive universal law of attraction states that we create what we focus on whether we want it or not. Most of the time we are creating by default because we are not conscious of the thoughts we are chronically holding. The Vibe-Alignment conversation and experience is all about becoming conscious, intentional, and accountable for being a vibrational match through our thoughts, words, and actions for manifesting all things desired.

The Vibe-Alignment conversation invites us to become conscious and intentional cooperative components in manifesting the life we say we really want to live. It is a simple idea that, when implemented, provides efficient and effective access to creating a stunning life.

Simple? Yes. Easy? That depends. We have the gift of free-will and get to choose a surviving way of being in the world or choose a thriving way of being in the world. Either way, the law of attraction is at play. Focus on what we don't want and we manifest more of that. Focus on what we do want and, by the same law, we manifest more of that. We're proving it all the time, every day. The Vibe-Alignment conversation and experience facilitates a mind-set retraining process which supports navigating our daily life in vibrational alignment with our highest potential fully-realized.

What does this mean? Simply put, we cannot and will not create a positive experience of our life if we are holding negative thoughts and beliefs about what is possible. If we liken negative thoughts to arsenic, whether we drink a glass of straight arsenic or a glass of water with a drop of arsenic, it's still poison. The Vibe-Alignment conversation and experience, much like a water purifier, removes the toxins from our chronic thinking and positions us to nurture our thoughts, words, and actions in support of a healthy, vibrant way of navigating through our life.

Working with the "Within Is Where It's At" invocation CDs, participating in a Vibe Alignment Master Class or Vibe Tune-Up Workshop Expereince , and through a variety of classes, workshops, and private sessions; we offer a safe, nurturing, and often humorous opportunity to explore the Vibe-Alignment conversation and experience. Together we will move out of theory and into action, bringing peace to your experience and manifesting results that more accurately represent who you already are as a whole, complete, and Divine beloved child of the Universe.

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Peter J. Hughes
Vibe-Alignment Facilitator